Art on Demand

Ready to jump into art? With EcoArts recorded lessons, you can leap into a fun art project anytime you feel like it.

Prek to 1st Grade – Draw an Endangered Sea Turtle

Take an underwater adventure and learn about sea turtles and their habitats!  We are connected to the ocean, and it’s up to us to help conserve resources so that sea creatures can thrive.  Incorporate yourself into an underwater art scene and get up close and personal with an endangered sea turtle!

2nd to 5th Grade – Make a Flying Insect Postcard

Did you know that legendary artist Leonardo Da Vinci helped to create the scientific method? In this video, we explore the world of insects through the lens of science. It turns out they do a lot for humans, and we can do a lot to keep these bugs from becoming more threatened. Our final work is an insect-patterned postcard in the style of artist Christopher Marley.

PreK to 1st Grade – Make a Color-Changing Chameleon

Join Miss Raychel (AKA Miss Rainbow Zebra) in the search for stripes, spots and rainbows on endangered animals! Then create your very own color-changing chameleon.

2nd to 5th Grade – Draw an Endangered Tiger

The Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo was considered by many to be a folk artist and magic realist. In this EcoArts lesson we explore a little of her history, and create a beautiful piece that combines her masterpiece “The Frame” and her use of magic realism. Get ready to learn something about endangered species!

PreK to 1st Grade – Design a Futuristic City

Travel 20 years into the future with Miss Raychel 2040. Learn how to draw pop-up buildings and robots on this eco-city adventure. Your imagination will help you design a futuristic city that prevents and cleans-up pollution. Let’s go!

2nd to 5th Grade – Sustainable City Collage

Grab some old magazines and junk mail and design your own collaged eco-city! Join Miss M in discovering the ways in which human activities impact our environment. Then use your imagination to build your own dream city! Flying cars? Gondolas? Free ice cream towers covered in solar panels? The sky is the limit when you invent a city all your own.

PreK to 1st Grade – Paper Doll Design

Get ready to repurpose some of your old clothes and dress your very own paper doll!  We will learn about shapes, texture, natural materials and man-made materials in this fun art lesson.  Kids will have a blast decorating and playing with their paper dolls.

2nd to 5th Grade – Superhero Fashion Sketch

Join us on an EcoArts Adventure as we learn how to draw superheroes equipped to take on the world’s toughest challenges!  Together we will learn about eco-fashion, designer tricks of the trade, and why it’s important to know your clothing fiber.  Learn how to sketch an anatomical human figure, then turn it into a superhero with special world-saving powers!

All Ages – Funky Fish

Join Miss Raychel in making a funky fish with items you can find around your house. Grab some cardboard (or a piece of paper), a pencil, some markers, crayons, or even paints. Then look around for items that typically go to waste. Try using bottle caps, buttons, junk mail, yarn, or any other funky materials that will make your fish shine! This is an engaging, all-ages art activity that celebrates the protection of vibrant oceans by considering waste management.

Looking for live EcoArts lessons?
Join Miss Raychel and Miss M for daily art lessons on zoom! Our customized, group lessons engage students with new projects that build confidence and give them artistic tools they will use for the rest of their lives. All projects use repurposed materials and supplies that most children have around the house, like paper and pencils!