Create your own superhero!

Join us on an EcoArts Adventure as we learn how to draw superheroes equipped to take on the world’s toughest challenges!  Together we will learn about eco-fashion, designer tricks of the trade, and why it’s important to think about clothing fibers!  Artists will learn how to draw an anatomical human sketch, or croqui, and design their own costume complete with swatches and accessories. Get ready to save the world in style with our EcoArts Superhero Costume Design lesson!

Watch the video!

Students will learn about the fashion industry and the methods of designing and detailing a croquis. They will search their homes for the best materials that give their superhero superpowers while supporting the health of the world.

Be sure to take a photo of your finished art piece and send it to your teachers, or tag @parachutearts and @ecoartsfoundation on instagram! Happy sketching!